Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tales from India: Jaipur: Day 2

So once again I've decided to go with the picture essay format because 1) it's more interesting (for you) and 2) it's easier (for me).
I will say that tour guides will tell you that you have to see this and you have to see that. Any time it's a factory where the print art, make jewelry, etc you'll be expected to purchase something. I don't, I only feel slightly bad for not doing so, and this is often a good opportunity to get into the shade.
Also, this is the day I rode a camel!!! They're much higher up that horses and they get up and down by leaning forward or behind and you feel like you're going to fall off. Best advice is to just hold on tightly with your legs, keep your upper body straight and lean in the opposite direction. So if they're getting up they usually get up on the hind legs first so your body will be angled forward (downward). To avoid falling off just lean backwards. Easy peasy!

These two little dudes were quite handy tour guides and made sure my camel didn't run into the middle of the street. Rewarded them with this tip: Stay in school. (Joking, I did give them money.)

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