Monday, February 27, 2012

How many times 30 Rock refers to Vietnam...

1) Jack Donaghy's mother tried to send him to fight in the Vietnam War when he was 12 years old. (S01E09)
2) Dr. Leo Spaceman went to Ho Chi Minh Medical School. (S01E10)
3) Kenneth the Page telling Jack that one of his most memorable TV moments is Walter Cronkite denouncing the Vietnam War. (S01E11)
4) Steven Black (Wayne Brady's character) tells Liz that his hobbies include Vietnam War reenactments. (S01E16)
5) Vietnamese immigrants turned Cabot Street into Little Hanoi in Whitehaven, PA, Liz Lemon's hometown. (S03E05)
6) The hotel clerk asks Jack if he likes Methodist churches full of Vietnamese after telling him that he can't get a drink there because their county has been dry since 1880. (S03E05)
7) Hank Hooper, Kabletown Exec, asks if he's back in Vietnam while under the influence of a gas leak. (S05E22)
8) Jack, while trying to persuade Hank to reinvest Kabletown's profits back into GE by making American couches instead of paying shareholder dividends, says "Why are the couches our customers sit on made in, oh I dunno, Vietnam?"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I joined a gym and became a real Saigonese...

which is probably not the right term but I since I don't know what it is I've decided to make up my own.

Also, I joined a gym. Yep, after  nearly 6 months I've started to act like I live in this city. The gym is amazing. For $225 USD I get 6 months of unlimited zumba, bellydance, pool, sauna, yoga (5 different kinds), and best of all...kickboxing and grappling*. Grappling is more like no-gi BJJ, which I was never super comfortable with, and kickboxing is a weird Krav Maga but it's fighting and I love it! I signed up this past Friday after weeks of people wrangling. If you get a group of 8+ people to sign up at the same time you get major discounts. So with 'better late than never' in my mind I wrangled, pushed, prodded, lost hope, found it again and we finally joined the gym. Or should I say paradise? It's located in The Manor, which is condominium complex located in Binh Thanh District. I signed up on Friday and have been every day since, except for Saturday and Sunday because I work all day. It gets me out of my apartment, I see more of the city during my daily xeom/taxi rides, I'm getting more physical activity than I've had over the past six months and I just feel amazing after working out. As usual, I don't know how to take it easy and almost puked after kickboxing today. It reminded me of my first day of Krav. But it didn't happen then and it didn't happen today. Then I rewarded myself by spending two hours at the pool, swimming laps, doing my usual pool aerobics and practicing my one handed hand stand.

*And about a million other classes.