Monday, July 18, 2011

Things to do when leaving your old life behind

  • Pack
  • Make list of things to pack (work in progress)
  • Make to-do list (work in progress)
  • Make sure passport is valid for at least the next three years
  • Get a visa for Viet Nam
  • Find my undergrad degree
  • Pay for class
  • Book flight
  • Notarized proof that I have a clean criminal record
  • Buy a red messenger bag
  • Get vaccinated (work in progress)
  • Buy Advil to ease the headache caused when fainting after finding out much vaccinations cost when not covered by insurance.
  • Get Malaria pills so I’m not severely limited in my travels around SE Asia
    Fill anti-diarrheal medicine in case I can't find those handy curry colored M&M's that M. Floyd told me about.
  • Buy crazy amounts of underwear in case I can’t find a washer or washer woman within the first couple of weeks
    Find a place to store all my beloved books so they don’t develop mildew when I’m gone
  • Clean my room so the next occupant doesn’t have a fit when they see under my bed
    Start donating clothes/items that I find in my room
  • Make sure my friends throw me a bangin’ going away party
  • Convert currency
  • Make copies of passport, visa, resume and Bachelor’s degree
  • Buy new laptop, Kindle, camera (if I can afford it.) If I can’t and anyone who happens to read my blog/can afford to buy one/wants to buy me one I want the Canon EOS Rebel
  • Get horrible passport-size photos taken for visa
  • Buy DEET-filled bug spray
  • Start canceling credit cards/accounts I don’t really use
  • Continue to study for CETLA course before I’m sent home after one month
  • Find a hotel for my layover in Seoul
  • Arrive on time for my flight

It's official...

My family knows, my job knows, the ticket is bought and the class is paid for. I'm off to Saigon!

Count down to moving day:
6 weeks
42 days
1008 hours