Wednesday, September 28, 2011

They put the Diamond in Diamond Plaza...

I'm staying with my friend Katie for a few days. She and her husband live in Diamond Plaza Apartments which is amazing. He works for Chevron and they put them in amazing housing. There's a gym, pool, tons of shopping, bowling alley, bakery, grocery store, security and on top of that they have a personal driver. It's awesome. They also live on the 18th floor so the view is amazing. :)

Check it out.


  1. amaaazing! i want a super nice room. If only i was a wealthy ex-pat. Maybe some day :)

    are you coming out today to say goodbye to julia? I miss hanging out with you, gimpy.

    Keep living it up while you can!

  2. I'm coming out to dinner. I'm moving back to my room as we speak. See you tonight! :)

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