Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wow, I really did get hit by a motorbike...

I got hit by a motorbike today. I was crossing the street right outside my school when he struck me. There are some crosswalks in Vietnam but rarely any crossing lights and the few that there are, are very rarely heeded. So I was halfway across the street and looking in the direction of the oncoming traffic when he struck me from the other side. I don't remember what happened and how it happened. I just remember lying on the road looking at him drive away. It was pretty shitty of him. I'm laying on the road and my friend Bridget is trying to get me up and out of traffic before we both got hit but I couldn't move and I knew I couldn't put any weight on my right foot because of how much it hurt. People started stopping their bikes and running across the street to help me. Finally Bridget and a couple of girls helped me across the street while other people were stopping oncoming traffic for us. I finally got back to the sidewalk and they sat me down in a chair. Bridget ran for a first aid kit and some help. Everything's a blur but everyone came out of the woodwork to help me. They were so nice. One of the security guards at the school cleaned my legs with hydrogen peroxide (OMFG that hurt) while another woman held my hand against her belly and rubbed my head. She wouldn't let me look at my legs while they were cleaning it. I don't even know these people but they helped me because I needed help.

One of my classmates Thomas came out at the same time and sat with me and checked that nothing was broken. He was a doctor in a previous life. He insisted that I get x-rays done though because he wanted to be on the safe side. Miss Oanh (pronounced Juan) who works at the school called a cab for us. Both Thomas and Oanh insisted on coming with me, which I was thankful for. Not only to have someone but because we went to a Vietnamese hospital instead of a foreign hospital. Initially they weren't going to treat me because I'm a foreigner and I think legally they couldn't but Oanh worked her magic and they decided to treat me. On a side note: they didn't have wheelchairs and brought a gurney instead and Thomas had to lift me on that. It was humiliating. I think I might have flashed some unfortunate bystanders because I was wearing a dress. 

Anyways, they did xrays and nothing was broken, which I thank God for. The bad news (in addition to everything else) is that my right leg is so badly off and I think I twisted my ankle, so I'm on crutches. The funny part is that they're the tallest that they carried and its still short for me so I'm kinda hunched over while using my crutches. 
So I'm back in my bed. I cleaned my legs several times already with iodine and hydrogen peroxide. The girls that work in my guesthouse brought my extra pillows so I can elevate my legs and they brought me ice so I can take down the swelling. I even called a guy from the CELTA course who is living here with his Vietnamese fiance. Denis and Sandy have been amazing. I can't even begin to explain how nice they are. I mean I'm super nice because I know I'd help someone else like this but I never expect others, that I'm not related to, to do this for me. Sandy just ran out to get gauze so I can bandage my legs tomorrow and she's bringing me food. 
So this blog is to let you know that something crappy happened but I'm alright and I have people here who can help me. I miss all of you even more though after all this because I'm just missing home right now.
Other than the most random accident ever, life here has been good. I was supposed to go to the beach next week.  We'll see how it goes. :)

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  1. Wow, I know we talked about this but you never told me all the nice things everyone did. It's so nice. Hope you're having a speedy recovery : )