Friday, May 9, 2014

The one with summer school.

Summer school sessions at ILA were physically and mentally demanding. Not only were you teaching 12+ hours on the weekends, but then you had classes in the morning during the rest of the week and then a weird break before your regular evening classes. By weird I mean a break that didn't allow you to go home and take a nap or do things so you ended up napping at school. By the by the best way to nap at school is to take 3-4 chairs and line them up side by side and sleep that way. The best thing is to push them really close to the table so people can't see you sleeping there.

Despite it's intensity, summer school was a welcome break for several reasons:

1) I was able to make up all my lost hours from the couple of weekends I was out due to various illnesses.

2) I felt like I was doing more with my life because I was working more and not cooped up in my awesome apartment. ::tear:: I miss that place.

3) We got to go on a field trip to the Saigon Zoo. It's a place I would have never gone on my own because I despise zoos. I'm glad I saw it, not because it was a great place to be, but because it was horrendous and it made me want to fight even harder against the horrors of zoos.

Like with the majority of my blog posts, here are a TON of photos to help convey what my words can't say. Well, my words are pretty accurate this time around: I had some really cute and wonderful kids in my class and the zoo was a terrible place.

Thinh and his favorite kid...for that day.


Me and Minh.

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