Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Lazy Travelers: Jetsetters: Nadine

I like writing my blog. Some days I feel really inspired and I can write pretty brilliantly, if I can say so. Some days they're rather boring. Despite my ups and downs The Romantic and The Wino, the wonderful bloggers at The Lazy Travelers, welcomed me into the blogosphere with open arms. Some people gushed over my interview (I love my family) and some people said it wasn't as epic as my post The One Where I Go Speed Dating. I totes agree with that because that was brilliant. I initially posted it Facebook and had to disable comments for it because the response was so overwhelming. 
I'm lying of course. I don't know how to disable comments for posts on Facebook. Or do I...
Anyways, the point of this absurd post is to describe how insanely happy I am. Procrastination got in the way of course so 2 weeks later, here it is.

I won't re-post the entire thing but here's a snippet or two. Feel free to check out the link and comment there. Post lovely things please.

"Hello friends and fellow travel lovers! It’s our favorite day of the week (next to Wine Wednesday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday, of course). It’s JETSETTER day!
Meet Nadine of Tales From Saigon. She grew up in the West Indies, first traveled on her own at age 17, and has ridden on the back of a motorcycle taxi, which makes her infinitely cooler than us. She quit her job and moved to Vietnam for sixteen months, where she fell in love with Pho. We’ll let her tell you the rest."

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