Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The one where I catch you up on my life...

As I lay here in my bed while waiting for the roomies to get ready for movie night I feel pressure, from the guilt over not writing as much as I should, to write a new post.
Except I have nothing new to write about. Well there are new things in my life, but they're not that interesting. Unfortunately you're going to be subjected to it...now.

1) Helen and I have been obsessed with everything Korean lately. Well, I've been that way for ages and I've gotten her hooked on it. Which is semi-unfortunate because we're both 'in love' with the same actor, which leads to some really funny trash talking. For example, we're both so obsessed that we can both be found watching Korean pop music videos on the music channel at any time of the day or night. Or be found blasting K-pop from our laptops in our bedrooms. (Currently playing: The Boys by Girls Generation.) We finally finished a series that has been taking over our lives and have consequently ruined us for future relationships. I mean, yes we know guys like most likely don't exist in real life but does that deter us from making plans to move to Seoul, SK in the very near future? Nope. I'm actually glad its finished because it means we can start living life again AND move onto another, even more awesome series. (I know, I haven't learned my lesson.)

2) My friend Aubrey is coming to visit this Friday. I'm going to pick her up from the airport, spend all day getting massages, mani/pedi's, the most delicious Phổ ever...generally the good things that make me love living here. Next week I'm trying to convince her to do something else in Vietnam besides Saigon and Ha Long Bay because I think she needs more of an adventure. Maybe we'll do a two day Me Kong Delta tour. Can't wait!

3) I took a day off in March and my roommate Helen and I are planning a trip to Phu Quoc island and I'm SO excited for it. Beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, lounging on the beach all day, relaxing, and finally getting to finish The Historian...what's not to love? 

4) Our company recently built a new building and Centre 1 (my centre and currently the largest centre - 90+ teachers) and Centre 3 (the centre where I did my CELTA certification course) are going to merge to make one massive centre. I already don't know half the teachers at my centre and I'm really nervous about the move because I'm behind on hours, since I didn't receive a full schedule until after being there for a month, and I'm afraid that somehow things won't work out in the new centre (schedule wise) for new teachers.

5) That being said, I've signed up for summer school. It's intense because the classes are only a couple weeks long instead of being several months and you have less free time in which to plan more classes. This is in addition to your regular schedule. I don't really want to do it but I signed up for it so I can make my hours up. Hopefully, I can start working my way to overtime hours. Cross my fingers. I know that  back home I would work 40+ hours in a week and here I only work 80 hours in a month but somehow it's more intense here. Plus I'm still getting a feel for teaching, I'm on my feet constantly, the kids make me way more mentally wary than any crazy DAR president ever could and the pollution (and kids sneezing directly into my mouth) have me constantly sick. It's actually like one massive cold that never goes away.

6) While teaching my jumpies how to say 'please' I had two of the sneeze in my face and into my open mouth. It took everything I had not to throw up on them. The sound that the P makes is really difficult for them because 1) they can't differentiate between B, P and F, 2) they don't really have that sound in Vietnamese and 3) the combination P and L consonant sounds are really difficult for their baby mouths to make. The easiest way to teach them is to have them stand directly in front of me, watch my mouth as I form the sounds and have them mimic me. Pro: It works every time because once they see how to shape their mouths the sounds follow. Con: They're close enough to sneeze into my open mouth. So yep I'm sick...again...because they're kids and they're always sick.

7) Had my first personal trainer session yesterday and so far, so good. I'm going to continue working the machines because i really want to tone my upper body but I'm definitely continuing kickboxing because it's as close to Krav Maga as I can get. Plus, it's super fun. My boss does it on Thursdays and we're becoming friendly, which is awesome, because he seems less 'boss-like' at work. In a good way because he's quite an intimidating guy. Plus, who wouldn't like to brag that they can beat up on their boss? :D

::whew:: That was a mouthful. I'm glad there was a lot to write about.