Friday, March 9, 2012

Fridays are not as good as Mondays.

Picking up Aubrey Stephens from the airport, eating Burger King tater tots for the first time in months, taking a midday nap, getting a mani/pedi, taking passport photos that make me look like a model, eating green mangoes, eating phở gà, going to Ben Thanh market to see Korean tourists, eating delicious pastries at Boulangerie Patisserie, followed up by once again impressing my friends with my awesome apartment is how I spent my day. 

(Yes, I just noticed that I ate a lot of crap today.)

Why are Fridays not as good as Mondays? This is not a normal Friday. I got lucky this weekend because I have an end of course party, a review for a mid-course test and then then test on the following day so it's a pretty light weekend for me. Otherwise I would have spent all afternoon indoors and lamenting the fact that I can't just show up to school and plan a lesson right then and there because I'm not superteacher. Well, not yet anyways. :)

Monday's are better because the weekend is FINALLY over and I can spend it doing whatever I want to do, which is usually nothing. Which is always better at the pool. 

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