Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vung Tau...

Just got back from Vung Tau. Will post something infinitely longer (sorry) later but as the internet's being so spotty lately I've decided to just post a few teaser pictures. 

Beginning of the trip!
 The Jesus Statue. Getting up there was kinda like what walking to heaven would be like.
 The mysterious island that I really, really wanted to find out more about.
 Good words of advice.
Kind of a rocky beach but such it reminded me so much of Trinidad that I couldn't help but love it.
 HUGEEEEEEEE jelly fish. Just in case you couldn't tell.
 Dragons guarding the entrance to the temple.
 Picture with the mysterious island! Halfway to heav...ahem...the Jesus statue.
Stairway to heaven
 A billion stairs later.
 View from the top!
Beautiful winding roads.
 The Mysterious Island at night!
 Photo shoot on the beach. T'was so cool!

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