Thursday, September 22, 2011

I got yelled at today... my classmates. We teach in the morning from 9-11. Then we have a feedback session. Then lunch. Then an afternoon tutorial. Then a break. Then another session. Then lesson planning for those who have to teach the following day or we can leave if we don't. Today's afternoon sessions got switched around a bit and we had a tutorial and then watched a video of someone else teaching. One hour I'll never get back. Anyways, between the sessions our tutor wasn't going to give us the 15 minute break we normally get because he can be funny (weird) like that sometimes. All the smokers in the class erupted in outrage. "WHAT???? I can't go fill my lungs with poison?!??! How dreadful!" Or something to that effect. I was pretty disappointed because my bladder was yelling and quite loudly at that. So Ian, our tutor, asked if we wanted a break, all the smokers and I said yes. He then asked "non-smokers?" I again said yes. So he asked how long. Thinking only of myself and how long it would take to get to the bathroom and back I said "5 minutes" which got me yelled at very loudly by some nicotine-deprived zombies. They seemed kinda desperate so I changed it to 7 minutes. (Teehee.) I have no idea how long it takes to smoke one cigarette! Anyways, that's today's tale. I'm about to take a nap, then scrounge for some food and then plan my lesson on second conditionals. It'll be great!

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