Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update: Things to do when leaving your old life behind.

  • Pack
  • Make list of things to pack
  • Make to-do list
  • Make sure passport is valid for at least the next three years
  • Get a visa for Viet Nam
  • Find my undergrad degree
  • Pay for class
  • Book flight
  • Notarized proof that I have a clean criminal record (Just mailed the forms today!)
  • Buy a red messenger bag
  • Get vaccinated for Hep A, Japanese Encephalitis, Typhoid
  • Buy Advil to ease the headache caused when fainting after finding out much vaccinations cost when not covered by insurance
  • Get Malaria pills so I’m not severely limited in my travels around SE Asia
  • Fill anti-diarrheal medicine in case I can't find those handy curry colored M&M's that M. Floyd told me about
  • Buy crazy amounts of underwear in case I can’t find a washer or washer woman within the first couple of weeks
  • Find a place to store all my beloved books so they don’t develop mildew when I’m gone
  • Clean my room so the next occupant doesn’t have a fit when they see under my bed
  • Start donating clothes/items that I find in my room
  • Make sure my friends throw me a bangin’ going away party
  • Convert currency
  • Make copies of passport, visa, resume and Bachelor’s degree
  • Buy new laptop, Kindle, camera (if I can afford it.) If I can’t and anyone who happens to read my blog/can afford to buy one/wants to buy me one I want the Canon EOS Rebel
  • Get horrible passport-size photos taken for visa
  • Cancel credit cards that I don't use
  • Buy DEET-filled bug spray
  • Continue to study for CETLA course before I’m sent home after one month
  • Find a hotel for my layover in Seoul
  • Buy ForkChops for Lauren and I
  • Arrive on time for my flight
Grey: Done
Black: Need to do
Blue: Work in progress
Magenta: Things I want
Red: Recently completed

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