Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tales from Incheon

Where to start! So much has happened over the last...okay I just tried to do the math and I realized that I can't. I'm so tired right now but if I fall asleep now I'll definitely mess things up. I woke up at 8:30am on Monday the 29th and I left Dulles at 1:30pm. I arrived in Incheon at 4:30pm and have finally checked into my hotel. It's 6:00pm here but I keep checking the time back in DC so I can call home.

Let's start with the in-flight entertainment system. I thought a 14 hour flight was going to be unbearable so I made sure my laptop, Kindle, and iPod were charged. I also stuck 2 Nat Geo mags in there for good measure. Plus I've been so tired with all the remodeling/construction that has been happening in our house over the past month (as well as packing to live away for a year) that I was super sure that I'd just pass out on the plane and sleep the entire way over. I didn't sleep a wink! I'm not sure what happened...actually that's not true because I know exactly what happened. Korean Air has an amazing in-flight entertainment system. I watched Fast Five, Thor, The Adjustment Bureau, Soul Surfer, Beastly, From Prada to Nada, Source Code, part of Kung Fu Panda 2, a Japanese movie about a young patisserie, a bunch of Bollywood videos and played games. They would have had the BEST entertainment system ever if they offered Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2 (which I still haven't seen!) I also spent a good amount of time viewing the feed from the camera they have underneath and on the front of the airplane. The front-side camera is awesome for take-off and landing. The under-side camera is awesome for when you're flying over the polar ice caps.

The trip was also awesome because of all the stuff that I did at the airport. I made the decision not to leave because I was SO exhausted and the airport was large enough that I could walk the length once and be super exhausted. I did traditional Korean ink printing and now I have that as a souvenir and a piece of art for my room. I had a delicious dinner and spent enough time poking around all the stalls. One of the most awesome things I saw was in the tobacco/alcohol/chocolate duty free shop. The image is the front cover of a box of chocolates featuring the cast of Boys Before Flowers (one of my favorite Korean dramas.) It almost made up for not running into Lee Minho at the airport. :D (Lee Minho is the hottie in the middle.) :D

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