Saturday, April 18, 2015

My 100th Post: Part 4 (Dessert and Wine Night)

One day I discovered brownie batter at Phuong Ha, which is one of the two really awesome international grocery stores on Ham Nghi. I got so excited and almost bought them all, but then I realised I'd probably eat them all. However, I realised if I invited my friends over I could share it with them. Of course, it tumbled out of control and Dessert and Wine Night was born. I think we all agree that this time all pictures are totally right for this post. You can thank me later.

Brownies with almonds on the left and brownies with snickers on the right. 

So many desserts!

I've forgotten what these were called, but they were delicious even though (I think) they had a creepy name.

Oh hai, there's the wine and cupcakes, of course,

Look at how nicely we share.

City Hunter was on in the background and I think this picture perfectly sums up the evening.

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