Saturday, June 7, 2014

5 Idiotic Travel Tips You Should Ignore

Great article from Vagabondish and my comments on each tip. 

Spoiler alert: I agree with all of them.

Tip #1: “Don’t eat the food there! You’ll get sick!”

Oysters on the side of the road in Trinidad. Boom! I can handle it.

Tip #2: "Don't ever travel alone, especially if you're a woman! It's SO dangerous!"

Meh. Maybe if you're a foolish woman who doesn't take precautions that everyone, including men, should be taking. 

Tip #3: “Why would you ever want to leave the U.S.?”

I won't even touch this one. 

Tip #4: "How can you afford to travel for that long? It's gonna cost a fortune!"

Yeah, if you stay in fancy hotels and eat at expensive restaurants all the time. Eat street food and where the locals eat and find a balance between hostels, BnB's and nicer hotels. 

Tip #5: “You’re leaving for a year?! But what about your job, your life, your [fill in perceived grown-up responsibility here]?

Life goes on. The things that can wait will, you'll learn who your true friends are, and you'll find another job. 

My tip: If you travel you can see places like the ones in the pictures below.




Hoi An, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

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