Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Places I frequent...

I decided that the best way for anyone to truly understand something is to experience it visually. The first is being there. If you can't be there then a video is second best. A picture is third AND since a picture is worth a thousand words there's a whole lot of typing I won't have to do.

Diamond Plaza. My friend Katie lives there and its where I spent five days convalescing after my accident.

The Saigon Post Office. I've actually spent quite a bit of time there. I usually wait until I get there to write my postcards. The post office is in a beautiful part of town so lots of photo shoots occur there.

This is where I buy my banh mi for breakfast on the weekends. They give you a wet cloth and a toothpick for free! ::aaaah:: The little things in life.

ILA. This is where I work! It's on the corner of Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Pasteur Streets.

STA Travel: It's not a real STA but I use it anyways because the two girls that work there are amazing. Phuong is on the left and Mai is on the right. They're so sweet and we have so much fun chatting whenever I drop in. Well, at least I hope they do. I certainly do. 

Bobby Brewers: 45 Bui Vien, District 1. They show movies here for free and I spend most of my days off here.

Twilight posters. This one is for you Chrissy!

The inside of Bobby Brewers. It's pretty comfortable!

I had to throw this one in. After I took the picture of Phuong and Mai these two jokers started teasing them. They asked "why are you taking pictures of ugly people? You need to take pictures of good looking people!" Then they jumped up and posed like 15 year old Korean girls. How could you not love this one?

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