Thursday, December 22, 2011

My worst fears...

Life is amazing. Or rather it can be amazing. Life can also be terrifying. I think I’m mostly a brave person. Sure I’m scared of the dark and of being eaten by sharks but I’ve overcome a lot of my fears because there are things in life that I really want to do. Like moving to Vietnam by myself. Since I’ve been here I’ve overcome a lot more fears. I was hit while walking across the street. I was sitting on a motorcycle and we fell over. Into rancid water while my leg was still open. Yea…it was terrifying. Another one of my worst fears came true today. I was at Cho Ben Thanh, the huge market in District 1, that attracts foreigners like flies. The roomie and I needed to finish up our Christmas shopping. I had loads of success. Not only was I finding things I actually wanted to buy but I was haggling like a pro. In the midst of one of my haggling sessions I felt something brush over my toes. I looked down to see a cockroach the size of my index finger and about as wide crawling over my toes. Yes, I was an idiot and wore open toed shoes to Ben Thanh market. On the inside I was screaming like a maniac and jumping up and down, but on the outside I calmly kicked it away and looked up at the lady and continued bargaining. Of course I stepped on the dais that her shop was on. I couldn’t take the chance that the little bugger wouldn’t try it again. I could tell that the people around me were impressed with my reaction. I heard some tourists who were walking by say "Did you see how amazing that girl was? A cockroach ran over her toes and she didn't scream." Okay, that's not true, but I was very impressed with my reaction and I could tell that the shopkeeper was as well. My roommate was also when I told her the story later. Of course that didn’t stop her from trying to mess with me in the taxi.
So yeah…another fear realized and overcome. Not that I want to experience it again to test my newfound bravery but there you have it.
On the better side of things, Christmas is coming up and I cannot wait! I’ll post again before then but just in case I don’t I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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