Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's been a while

I knooooow! It's been forever. I bet no one is even reading this anymore. To whoever is, I'm sincerely sorry for not writing sooner. I've had a string of bad luck recently, especially when its computer related. I've been in my amazing, wonderful, superbly comfortably apartment for a month now. It took us 1 week to get internet, we had internet for a week and it worked perfectly, then the entire building lost internet for a week and then my laptop stopped working...for about a week. Yep, so my math is right and that's why I haven't been able to post. Sure I have internet access at school but the only time I really go to school is to plan or teach. I don't have time to do much else. After a full weekend I can barely stand because I've been on my feet for 12 hours straight for 2 days. Not exactly 24 hours straight but some days it feels like it.
So what's been going on in my life. Well a month ago I moved into an awesome apartment with some awesome people. I've had bronchitis for a little over a month. I'm no longer one of the newbies at work. So many new teachers have started and so many have left and my friends and I have fallen into a weird middle ground.
Tomorrow evening is our work Christmas party. It's supposed to be fancy and I was going to get a dress made but decided to just wear a dress I already own and get dresses made for Christmas day and my birthday day. I found some awesome material, AMAZING material at a place we call the 'fabric market' and will find a tailor soon. In order to prepare for tomorrow's festivities they've cancelled all classes after 5pm and my only class for the day starts at 5:30pm so I'm farrrrreeeeee. I'm getting a massage in the morning, then I'm getting my hair done and then I'm getting my nails done and that will hopefully leave me with enough time to take a nap before the party.
Last week Tuesday my academic manager observed my class and today we finally had a chance to sit down and discuss his feedback. The system they have in place is a really good thing I think. There's so much that teachers who have been doing it for a while can teach me and I just have to be able to absorb as much as I can. My feedback was pretty positive. For example, my AM thinks I have really good teacher presence and a really good teacher voice but I need to move past being nice and more into stricter classroom management. I never thought someone would tell me to be less nice.
I've also had a lot of time to think about things. Who I am as a person, what I want out of life, things like that. I do most of my thinking on the back of xeom's. I take them everywhere and when I'm back there with nothing to do but sit there and try to not fall off I contemplate life. One of the conclusions I've come about myself is that I'm a bit of a daredevil. Not a full blown one because I have limits but enough of one because I like the danger that riding on the back bikes affords. Next thing I'll do is jump off a waterfall. :D
I'm going to get back to sitting in my living with all the lights off except our brand new Christmas lights. ::sigh:: It's beginning to feel like Christmas.


  1. I'm still reading Nadine! I like to make sure I'm not missing any pictures of one of the coolest life adventures I've ever seen ;)

  2. I'm still reading. It helps that I put you on my google reader. Keep the posts coming!

  3. Awwww thank you guys! More posts coming up soon about holiday life here. Or maybe some mundane ones about my general day to day life. Or maybe both. :D