Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I never want to leave...

and I desperately wish I could have this apartment in the States. Sure, it would be ridiculously expensive, practically unaffordable, but one can always dream.
My living situation is pretty saweeeet at the moment. I have two really amazing roomies. Helen and Kat both work for ILA. Kat even works at my center which is good because we can split the cost of a cab if we head in together. Maybe one day one of us will own a bike and drive the other on in. I'm counting on Kat to be the driver. Not sure if I can handle it. Everyone says its easy and I don't plan to drive in rush hour traffic but at the same time it's still crazy!
Helen is currently in the process of getting her bike. She literally just left to get her black Yamaha. It's all she knows about the bike but she's so excited and it's kinda like Christmas around here.
Not much is going on. I've learned that Vietnam has a flu season like everywhere else. Except this time around its bronchitis and a sinus infection that seems to be floating around. I have obviously caught it. It's cool though because it gives me a really good reason to stay in when my friends make plans to do something. It's easier than saying "I really love my apartment and don't want to leave it at the moment. Maybe in 2-3 months."
So life is pretty good. I like my job, I love my apartment, I adore my roommates. Knock on wood that things stay this good.
I'm currently planning my Thanksgiving dinner. I don't think I can find a turkey so I'm making roasted chicken, parmesan asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing and oreo truffles for dessert. Hopefully it all works out. Will post pictures if its successful.

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