Friday, October 28, 2011

My first day as a teacher!

Class starts in two hours and I've already been up for two hours. Thank God I only have one class today and after I plan tomorrow's class I can come home. I woke up because I was hungry and then couldn't go back to sleep. For once I didn't have stress dreams or nightmares like I normally do before a huge event that I can't stop thinking about. I had good dreams. I'm nervous, which is normal I think, but mostly excited. The class I have today and tomorrow and next weekend is a cover class. They're Juniors at the 3rd level which means they're between the ages of 7-9 but will know more English. We call them J3A's. Meaning Juniors, 3rd level, first half of the book. B's are the second half of the book. My permanent class starts on Tuesday and they are my J4B's, but there are only three classes left. So my first class is a revision, my penultimate class is an exam and the final class is a party. If only they could all be that easy. :) I definitely got lucky with my schedule. I'm slowly being eased in and I had a full week of induction. Most of my mates from my CELTA course who accepted jobs with ILA were thrown into the deep end and told to swim. (Side note: Induction week is where they acclimatize you to the school, it's procedures, location of materials, books, games, stickers (super important), etc in the centre.) I'm at Centre 1 in District 3, which is the largest centre that ILA has. There are A LOT of teachers there and luckily 3 out of my 4 future roommates are also there. You'll 'meet' them in a later blog post. 
My alarm just went off letting me know that I should start moving about but since it only takes me 10 minutes to brush my teeth, do my makeup and get dressed I might be lazy and lay in bed for another 10 minutes. I'll then pack my bags, which are kinda already packed, and then get some breakfast. I definitely feel like a kid on the first day of school. :D As long as I'm at school by 6:30 then it's okay. That should give me enough time to snag materials before they disappear for the day, print my worksheets and games for the day and then prepare the room. Or work out any last minute nerves with a breathing exercise designed for the students and to eat up time but to help me relax. 
The second alarm is about to go off so I'll end this now by saying that even though picking up and moving to Vietnam may have seemed like the most drug-induced, insane thing I could have done, it was also one of my best moves. Sure bad things have happened but they could have been worse and more good things have happened since then. The Vietnamese people are awesome, my friends are awesome, my support system is awesome and life is generally awesome here. Hopefully I can soon add "my job is awesome" to that list.

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