Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sipping on a pineapple smoothie...

I'm not sure why but smoothies are all the rage here. I mean sure there's access to endless amounts of fruit but I'm not sure why it's more prevalent in smoothie form instead of in juice form. I'm only thinking about this because I prefer fruit juice to smoothies but I'll sip on a smoothie once in a while. Why am I talking about this crazy random subject? Cos I'm sitting in my chair on my balcony, sipping on a delicious pineapple smoothie (yeaaa, I know) thinking of ways to kill the rooster that doesn't know that he's only supposed to crow at dawn. Seriously, bird???

I'm feeling good these days because my lesson took about 2 hours to plan last night, my materials took about an hour to assemble, and TP 5 went really well today. I mean it wasn't super fantastic but it was the best one so far.

Also, teachers ABC (yours truly is Teacher A) had our one on one sessions with our tutors because tomorrow is the end of week two and so we did a midpoint assessment. I'm happy because everything is 'to standard' at this point. I'm not failing miserably, am actually 'strong to above standard' in some aspects and what I think of myself is pretty much what my tutors think as well. Sure I'd like to be above average but seeing as how I have NO teaching experience I'm happy. My tutorial finished at 4:00. By 4:10 I was home sipping on a pineapple smoothie that I bought for 10,000VND. Gotta love that commute home. And those prices. :)

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  1. Oh hai! Blog buddies now.

    Mmm pineapple smoothies... and procrastination.