Thursday, September 8, 2011

List of things I love...

The random barber shops around the neighborhood. They're basically a man with a chair under a tin roof in some random store front cutting some guy's hair.

The gym near where I live is a store with no front. No front wall, no front door and no windows and its just a bunch of short Vietnamese guys pumping iron. Somehow it's still as intimidating as gyms back home. It's so funny.

The random carts on the street selling some of the best grilled meat I've EVER tasted.

That Miss Loi and the girls will take care of me while I study in the lobby downstairs. I need to do most of my work in the lobby because I don't get wifi in my room. However, Miss Loi promised me a bigger room with a balcony and wifi on the 11th. I'm sooooo excited.

That they have shows like The Challenger: Muay Thai here in Asia. It starts Monday September 12th and I cannot wait!

All the Brits I'm running into. ILA is a British company and I think that 1 out of 2 people are British. My friend Lauren's 3 roommates and former CELTA classmates are 2 Brits and one Irishwoman.

My CELTA group. We're a pretty good team so far. I enjoy working with them. There's Alee (from Silver Spring, MD but we didn't meet until arriving here in Viet Nam), Isabella from South Africa who is dating Geoff from Australia, Steven and Jon from England and Robert from Viet Nam but lived in the US for 35 years and earned a medical degree and electrical engineering degree. They're pretty awesome. The rest of the group is Joe from Wisconsin, David from Portland, Kevin from San Diego, Aaron from LA, Julia from Australia, Emma from England, Denis from Slovenia (who is engaged to a Vietnamese girl and living here now), Bridget (American from Tunisia), Silvia from Italy, Thuy from Australia, and Thomas from Canada. I'm so excited to be meeting so many different people.

I've started thinking with a British accent. It happens to me when I'm exposed to an acent for too long. I basically hang out with Jon and Steve every day because they're in my group and Julia and I end up spending a ton of time with each other because we always seem to be paired up together so it's a lot of English/Australian accents being thrown at me.

Riding on motorbikes!

The food. I don't know how I'll be able to move back and leave the food here.